Nicolas Floc’h
1970, Rennes. Lives and works in Paris
In his films, Nicolas Floc’h employs a real audience strategy. He plays on
expectations, channels the reading in order to subvert it all the better. In
Anna’s Life, he constructs a story without an end in which the heroine is
the pretext while the real subject is the city and its architecture. Of the
woman’s life, he retains only one activity: going up and down the stairs.
This gesture becomes a prism permitting the discovery of not only a body but also an architecture and a city. Anna’s body becomes the focal point through which things are seen and apprehended. As the main character, she monopolises the attention, even in a wide shot, she still fills the image
and the viewer is constantly looking for her. The soundtrack accompanying
the film proceeds in the same way. From a composition by Mussorgsky
orchestrated by Ravel, he retains only the part for harp. The classical
score then takes on Oriental airs. The selection of simple elements thus
gives rise to a profusion of impressions. Nicolas Floc’h plays on the
viewer’s expectations in order to work on the confusion of genres and open up a singular reading. In constant movement, this work finds its coherence in a continuous exploration of ways of making worlds. Each invention is at the same time a revelation of what exists. It leads to readings of the world which are never imposed as unique.
— Lea Gauthier, Mouvement, June-August 2002

Selected solo exhibitions: 2002: FRAC Nord pas de Calais, Dunkerque;
Fujikawa next, Osaka; 2001: Pailhas, Marseille; Le Sous-sol, Paris; 2000: Le Sous-sol, Paris; Chapelle du Genêteil, Le Carré, Château Gontier; Zoo, Nantes; 1999: FRAC Lorraine, Castel Coucou, Forbach; Ecriture Productive, I Space, Chicago; L'Epicerie, Temporary Services, Chicago; Light Year, School of Art, Glasgow.
Selected group exhibitions: 2003: 20 ans des FRAC, MUDAC, LAUSANNE; Storage and Display, Programa Art Center, Mexico City; L’envers du monde, Espace Paul Ricard, Paris; Artif/réactif 2, Le lieu Unique, Nantes.

Anna's life, 2002. Video still, DVCAM 4/3.