Ulrich Lamsfuss
1971, Bonn. Lives and works in Berlin
Berlin-based artist Ulrich Lamsfuss’s first paintings are based on found images from a variety of media, ranging from National Geographic to
fashion magazines to iconic images from film and art history.
Lamsfuss creates his canvases with the eye of an editor unrestrained
by context. In the simplest terms, Lamsfuss’s process is about selecting photographic images and painting them. He belongs to a young,
successful generation of artists who are interested in the transformation of our over-mediated contemporary society into a painted hyperreality.
The images that Lamsfuss chooses to recreate in oil, when viewed as a body of work, are significant as a representation of our contemporary
environment. His studio is a kind of image factory; his process is about the accumulation of images, and the subsequent production of a field. Lamsfuss creates multiples of the same painting, in which each canvas
is at once unique and a replication of the others. The act of duplication,
of both the original photographic images and the paintings themselves, further blurs the line between photography and painting.

Selected solo exhibitions: 2003: Lombard-Freid, New York; 2002: Max Hetzler, Berlin; 2000: Max Hetzler, Berlin.
Selected group exhibitions: 2002: Immediate Gesture, Lombard-Freid, New York; Charlotte Moser, Geneva; Lila, weiß und andere Farben, Max Hetzler, Berlin; 2001: Viel Spass—beaucoup de plaisir, Paul Ricard, Paris; Offensive Malerei, Lothringer 13/Halle, Münich.

Untitled (Mutter und Kind), 2002. Oil on canvas, 75 x 60 cm. Courtesy Lombard-Freid, New York.