Weng Fen
1961, Hainan, China. Lives and works in Hainan

Every morning I walk to work along the same boring road. Day after day I repeat the same actions. Sometimes I leave Haikou to go to Guangzhou, Beijing or some other place, but after I step out of the airport or railway station I feel as though I am still in Haikou. The buildings that line the streets seem to be the same kind of modern buildings, with the same mosaic tile or brick wall facing, the same architectural styles. Even the sky seems to be the same shade of blue. Just that same morning I had still been sitting at home; now it is afternoon and I am already in Beijing or Shanghai. If I take a flight from China to America today, and spend 24 hours travelling, when I arrive in America it will still be today, departure and arrival seem to be the same time. These many similarities and repetitions make me think that reality must be false, that sensory perceptions are ambiguous. Faced with this 2-dimensional kind of life, an utopian dreamland for the common people, I can only make subjective conjectures – it is like an empty, insubstantial body or ornament, and I have no way of freeing myself. It seems that it is because of reality that I am searching for this kind of fabricated sensation, reality – that you cannot possibly resist, that you cannot ever go back to.

Selected group exhibitions: 2003: Out of Red, Spazio Consolo, Milan; 2002: New Photography from China, CourtYard, Beijng, China; How Big the World, OK Contemporary Art Center, Austria; Limits of Bodies, Shangri-La Art Center, Beijng, China; 2001: Knowledge is Power, Xidan Library, Beijng, China; 16th Asian International Art Exhibition, Museum of Art, Guangdong, China; 1st Chengdu Biennale, China; Body Resources and Materials, Arts Commune, Hong Kong; Trick or Treat, Sho Art Maison Library, Tokyo; Virtual Future, Museum of Art, Guangdong; L’Album de Famille China September Phtography Festival, Soardi, Nice; 2000: China Avant-garde Artists Documentary Exhibition, Museum, Fukuoka, Japan; Charming China, East, Shanghai; Man/Animal, Guilin, China; Family, Shanghai; Xieyang UIsland Performance Art Festival, Guangxi, China; Normal and Abnormal, Yuangong Art Gallery, Shanghai; 1999: Departing from China, Design Museum, Beijng; 1998: Asia-Pacific Contemporary Art Exhibition, Provincial Museum, Fujian.

Sitting on the Wall
—Guangzhou (2), 2002. Photograph, 180 x 125 cm. Courtesy Couryard Gallery, Beijing

Sitting on the Wall
—Haikou, 2002. Photograph, 80 x 100 cm. Courtesy Couryard Gallery, Beijing .