1973, Elte, Hungary. Lives and works in Leipzig

The image-spaces of Leipzig-based painter Matthias Weischer have a time capsule effect. As if one walks into a long deserted room in which time is preserved and yet there is a feeling that the former inhabitants could return at any moment. The pin-up girl still hangs in the hallway; in the living room the fruit bowl stands ready; brightly patterned curtains hang in the windows; the shower curtain in bathroom almost appears damp.
Weischer furnishes the spaces, placing props — the “image in the image,” still life, and drapery. He shifts perspectives, breaking through walls to allow views of outside. In the exact ornamental arrangement of details and the strong material backgrounds Weischer plays with reality; colors become materials to build with.

Selected exhibitions: 2003: Nicolai Wallner, Copenhagen; Willkommen in Leipzig, Museum für Bildende Kunst, Leipzig; Liga, Berlin; 2002: De Ligt, Frankfurt; Frank Schlag, Essen; Räumen, Kunsthaus, Essen; 6 aus 11, Liga, Berlin; Eigen+Art, Leipzig; Junge Malerei, Kunstverein, Sulzfeld; Leipziger Lerchen, Kunstverein, Speyer; 2001: At home, Kunstverein, Lindau; Szenewechsel XX, Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankufort; Jahresausstellung e. V., Leipzig; Junge Leipziger Maler, Binz&Krämer, Köln; Antrittsausstellung, Kabinet der Galerie im Kunsthaus, Essen; Die Volontaire, Rothamel, Erfurt; Leipzigel Mailer, Markt Bruckmühl, Bruckmühl; Kleidienst, Leipzig.

Terasse, 2001. Oil on canvas, 190 x 235 cm. Courtesy Liga, Berlin.