Judith Eisler
1962, New York, Lives and works in New York

I paint from photographs that I take of videos of films. My interest is not so much in the meaning of the image but in the alterations that occur through so many layers of distance. Physical form loses its rigidity. Straight lines waver. The still contains the conditions for its own disintegration. I am describing something that appears to be solid and weighty but is in fact dissolving.
— Judith Eisler

Selected solo exhibitions: 2001: Krobath Wimmer, Vienna.
Selected group exhibitions: 2002: Painting as Paradox, Artists Space, New York; 2001: Das Gespenst, Cora Holzi, Düsseldorf; Vice Versa, Rare, New York; Visibility, Fair, Murray Guy, New York; Why do we cover out interior walls and windows?, Krobath Wimmer, Vienna; 2000: Natural wonder, Kagan Martos, New York.

MH (Dogs in space), 2002. Oil on canvas, 173 x 203 cm

Tracks (Style Wars), 2000. Oil on canvas, 122 x 152 cm.

Car Hood (When we were kings), 2002. Oil on canvas, 122 x 152 cm.