1966, Codogno. Lives and works in Casalpusterlengo and Milan

Through the construction of alienating epiphanies for images, decisive
alterations of the everyday re worked with a lyrical and synthetic gaze,
Maloberti provokes an inalienable, but never despotic, direct confrontation
between the body of the work (or, better, the body in the work) and the
spectator, thus triggering a reflection on interpersonal relationships,
questioning the possible definitions of the figures of the stranger, the
foreigner, the other-than-self [...] In Maloberti, on the other hand, there
persists a constantly strong social coscience, a sincerely communicative energy towards the other, bringer of difference and diversity. But this
emerges in ways that are never didactic or documentary; the dimension of the chronicle, of the topicality, comes as filtered, distanced through
different gazes, a synthetic capacity reworking direct experience. [...] Thanks to a procedure of sampling, synthesis and abstraction, Maloberti orders and translates the flow of images deriving from everyday experience in previously unseen visions. They are shocks and surprises, emotional
confrontations staging abstract relationship rituals, that space of personal experience and the possible means of communication and sociality. Through Maloberti’s gaze, the reality of everyday reveals a potential
apprehension, the creeping unease behind the manifestation of
phenomena. At the same time it frees the beauty and the emotional energy hidden behind the veneer of a disarming banality.
Luca Cerizza, The Stranger Song, in “Marcello Maloberti”, Ludwigsburg, 2003

Selected solo exhibitions: 2003: Kunstverein, Ludwigsburg, Germany; S.A.L.E.S., Rome; 2002: GAM, Bologna; Raffaella Cortese, Milan; 2001: Luigi Franco, Turin; 1999: Raffaella Cortese, Milan.
Selected group exhibitions: 2003: Re-Location, Superstudio, Milan; Moltitudini-Solitudini, Museion, Bolzano; Intervallo, Vistamare, Pescara; 2002: Next. L’Arte del Domani, Sala Murat, Bari; Full contact, Galleria Civica Montevergini, Siracusa, Italy; Cronaca dell’arte italiana degli Anni ’90, Museo del Corso, Rome; Premio Furla, Fondazione Querili Stampalia, Venice; Video Lunge, Fondazione Olivetti, Rome;
2001: Boom!, ex Manifattura Tabacchi, Florence; Short Stories, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan; 2000: Futurama, Museo Pecci, Prato; Hops!, Link, Bologna.

A Torino piove da dio, 2002. Six lambda prints, 64 x 50 cm. each. Courtesy Raffaella Cortese, Milan.