Johanna Billing
1973, Jönköping. Lives and works in Stockolm
Missing Out (2001) is about an individualism that has gone too far and about a feeling that something, perhaps a form of knowledge, has been lost along the way. The film begins with a bird’s-eye-view sequence where a group of people lie sprawled over a floor in an irregular formation. No activity is in progress, one rather gets the impression of having landed in one of the more innovative photo sessions of a fashion photographer. The highly staged images, where the artist has drawn inspiration from a clear childhood memory, a collective relaxation exercise (a kind of group activity commonly found in schools and kindergartens across Sweden in the 1970's) that has suddenly and illogically turned into a kind of achievement-demanding activity, are fragmented again and again: at
regular intervals someone breaks up the given pattern, gets up, wanders off and looks at the view outside the window. Wherever he wants to be, it does not seem to be here, in this presumably calm-filled atmosphere.
The experience of always having to be there, always being ready to
perform and participate, is constantly present in the work, which in itself forms a thought-provoking mirror of the age.
— Mats Stjernstedt

Selected solo exhibitions: 2002: Bild Museet, Umeå; Index, Stockholm; 2001: Moderna Museet Projekt/ Oslo Kunsthall, Oslo; Superflex Studio, Copenhagen; Rooseum, Malmö; 2000: Flach, Stockholm.

Selected group exhibitions: 2002: Baltic Babel, Rooseum, Malmö; Gwangju Biennale; Room for a revolution, Deluxe Projects, Chicago; Es ist Schwer das Reale zu Berühren, Kunstverein, Munchen; 2001: Projects for a Revolution, Le Mois de la photo, Montréal; The Path of Resistance, Moderna Museet, Stockholm; Intentional Communities, Rooseum, Malmö/ CAC, Vilnius; Onufri ”00”. In and Out, National Gallery, Tirana.

Missing out, 2001. Video stills. Courtesy Brändström & Stene, Stockholm.