Lise Blomberg Andersen
1972, Denmark. Lives and works in Copenhagen
The collage technique serves as one point of departure in Lise Blomberg Andersen latest works, in which she examines aspects of displacement and cross-cutting techniques. Different spaces and painterly languages are used and juxtaposed within each painting, generating a range of stories and narratives within each separate work. The stories presented are common and universally human stories about dreams, utopian idealism, ambivalence, love, loneliness and relations between people.
Most often the narratives take place in stylized or romanticised naturescapes. In this way the paintings also deal with how people look at nature; with our image-making projections and perceptions of nature.
The tension and anxiety characteristic of the interplay between humans and nature is hinted at, and through the collage techniques Lise Blomberg Andersen successfully creates a space of uncanny suspance
between fiction and reality.

Selected solo exhibitions: 2001: The leisure club MOGADISHNI, Copenhagen. Selected group exhibitions: 2002: Sweet Schwammerl, Kunstakademiets Udstillingssted, Copenhagen; Exit, Kunstforeningen Gammelstrand, Copenhagen; 2001: True Stories, BSA, Copenhagen; 2000: At blive taget ind, Galleri Die Werkstatt, Copenhagen; Som du råber i skoven får du svar, Under Dybbølsbro, Copenhagen; Charlottenborgs Forårsudstilling, Copenhagen; 1999: go-go, Specta, Copenhagen; Alle mod alle, Franz Pedersens Kunsthandel, Horsens, Denmark; 1998: Charlottenborgs Forårsudstilling, Copenhagen.

Narcis i traeet, 2003. Acrylic on canvas, 180 x 135 cm.